Screw You, America

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Get it? He was using the robot arm to masturbate.

As expected, “Big Bang Theory’s” move to Thursdays was a success for CBS, as it pulled in almost three times as many viewers as NBC’s brilliant “Community.” Here’s the breakdown of the overnights:

“Big Bang” delivered 14 million viewers and a 4.8 preliminary adults 18-49 rating, that’s actually up a tenth of a point from its cozy position in CBS’ Monday comedy block last year.

NBC’s rival “Community” (5 million, 2.2) fell 42% from last year’s debut. But don’t go blaming “Big Bang” just yet. Last year, “Community” aired at 9:30 p.m. and benefited from an “Office” lead-in. Last night’s “Community” is on par with the show’s usual 8 p.m. performance last season, and  improved upon last fall’s “Saturday Night Live” special in the time period. [THR]

Here’s my beef with CBS comedies like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men.” It’s not that they’re bad; it’s that they don’t try. The acting is solid, and many of the jokes are funny. But they never try to serve anything more than the lowest common denominator. Jokes are telegraphed from miles away, and the humor is lowbrow without being edgy. They have no intention to surprise intelligent viewers or break new ground, and that bores me.

“Community,” on the other hand, rewards viewers who pay attention. It winks at pop culture enthusiasts without being too obvious or cloying (like Troy waking up in a Spider-Man t-shirt after a summer in which fans tried to get Donald Glover the role in the rebooted movie franchise). Other treats from last night’s episode:

Very... "Season 1."

For those of you who can’t view Hulu, you can watch the video here. GIFs via Community Things, avadakedeborah, and Someone to Blame, respectively.

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