Are These Rumored ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode Titles Too Good To Be True?

Contributing Writer
05.29.16 10 Comments


HBO has been doing its best to avoid spoilers when it comes to the names and descriptions of its Game of Thrones season six episodes. The descriptions are hilariously vague to avoid tipping people off as to what’s going to happen, and they’ve even gone so far as to only release episode names as the new episodes approach. But now SpoilerTV is reporting they’ve gotten the episode names for the last three shows of the season, and if they’re accurate they confirm a pretty big event that goes down at the end of season six. *Super serious spoiler warning!*

SpoilerTV got their info from a European Sky Network website that revealed the German titles for the shows. Episode eight is “Niemand” (“No One”), episode nine is “Die Schlacht der Bastarde” (“The Battle of the Bastards”), and episode ten is “Die Winde des Winters” (“The Winds of Winter”).

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