Selena Gomez Used An Infamous ‘Sex And The City’ Break-Up Tactic In Her Latest Video

Who is your favorite Upper East Sider who hangs out with older men, has cool outfits, and loves Samantha Jones? That’s Selena Gomez in Only Murders In The Building, of course, but perhaps you were thinking of that other show. It’s okay, sometimes there’s sex in the building and murders in the city. That’s how life works.

Gomez recently released a new single, aptly titled “Single Soon,” a catchy pop track about being single and heading out on the town, but the music video features a nod to a notable Sex and the City moment.

At the beginning of the video, Gomez is sneaking out of the apartment of her alleged partner, leaving behind a familiar yellow post-it that says “I’m sorry I can’t Don’t hate me.” Sound familiar? Like your heart is breaking at brunch all over again???

The move was a nod to a season six episode of Sex and the City when Carrie is broken up with via the same note. The breakup went down in Sex and the City history as one of the cruelest/silliest moments of the show, though it was integral to the plot. Before dropping the video, Gomez also posted a TikTok of herself using a Samantha Jones sound bite –which Kim Cattrall herself “approved.” What would Che Diaz say?

The rest of the music video features Gomez out on the town with her pals, and no, Steve Martin and Martin Short did not show up to party. But there’s always next time. Check out the video below.

(Via EW)