Seth Meyers Is Shocked That Even C-SPAN (‘The Network Famous For Showing Wide Shots Of Empty Chairs’) Is As Bored With Trump As Everyone Else

After months of dragging it out, Donald Trump has finally officially made the wholly expected announcement that he’ll be running for president yet again in 2024. While the world has changed a lot since Trump announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential election — mostly because of the chaos wreaked by Trump himself — something just seems very different about Trump this time around. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s still trying to sell us on the same old Big Lie he has been telling for years, or perhaps it’s that his run might be specifically timed to try and avoid being indicted on any number of alleged crimes. And, as Seth Meyers pointed out, it’s not just Democrats or non-MAGAs who are noticing.

“As we told you last week, Trump’s announcement speech was so boring even Fox News cut away from it before it was over,” Meyers said on Monday night. “Then on Friday, just to add insult to injury, the same thing happened to Trump again. Except this time, it was on C-SPAN.”

Last week, Mar-a-Lago hosted The America First Experience and Gala, a two-day event organized by a pro-Trump think tank, which sounds a bit like an oxymoron. On Friday, the former president took over the podium in an ill-fitting tuxedo that made him look as if he was cosplaying what David Byrne would look like as a croupier. (Or, according to Meyers, “the piano player at a Long Island steakhouse.”) When Trump began prattling on and comparing the death tolls of the war in Afghanistan to a regular weekend in the city of Chicago, even the programmers at C-SPAN decided this sh*t was mind-numbingly dull. As the network cut away from the speech, a narrator intoned that “former president Trump has moved on to other topics. We’ll take this opportunity to move on with our program schedule.” To Meyers, it was an epic “Ya Burnt!” moment.

“Even C-SPAN cut away,” marveled Meyers. “This is the network famous for showing wide shots of empty chairs! And even they were like, ‘This sh*t is boring!’ You know how bad your speech has to be for C-SPAN to cut away from it? You know what their program schedule was that they had to get back to? An old man silently doing the crossword by himself for six hours and then falling asleep.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 8:50 mark.