Seth Rogen Asks Paul Rudd Why Super Bowl Ads Have Teasers Now (In A Teaser For A Super Bowl Ad)

Paul “Sexiest Man Alive” Rudd is a big Kansas City Chiefs fan, so Super Bowl Sunday, February 13, is shaping up to be an eventful day for him. Patrick Mahomes & Co. are seven-point favorites to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend and play in The Big Game, as brands are legally obligated to say, against either the Los Angeles Rams or San Francisco 49ers. But even if the Chiefs lose, Rudd will still make his presence known during the Super Bowl in a Lay’s commercial with his buddy Seth Rogen.

Lay’s hasn’t released the full ad yet, but there is a teaser — which Rogen is not happy with. “What are we doing?” he asks Rudd in the video above. “We’re doing a teaser,” the Ant-Man actor replies. “We’re teasing commercials now? That’s a thing?” an incredulous Rogen wonders. It’s like a movie trailer, “but the commercial is incredible short in the first place, how long is the teaser?” Before Rudd can answer, he gets cut off.

It’s a monumental spot for Lays, as it marks their first Super Bowl ad in 17 years. Dubbed the “Golden Memories” campaign, the official in-game commercial will see Rogen and Rudd enjoy “typical best friend activities” — as well as what the brand calls “a few adventures you won’t believe until you see.”

Rudd could have starred in the Lay’s spot 17 years, and looked exactly the same as he does now.

(Via People)