‘The Last Sharknado’ Star Ian Ziering Says There’s ‘Always A Chance’ For A ‘90210’ Reunion


The final entry in the Sharknado franchise, The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, may signal the end of an era for absurd genre fare — unless Jason Statham’s The Meg takes off, of course. However, according to comments made by series star Ian Ziering in a recent interview with PeopleTV, the latest collaboration between Syfy and The Asylum may also signal the beginnings — nay, the rebirth — of another era altogether. I’m talking about the original run of Beverly Hills, 90210, of course, for The Last Sharknado pairs series alums Ziering and Tori Spelling for the first time since the popular teen soap opera came to an end.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the potential for a reunion came up when Ziering was asked about working with Spelling again. “I’ve been friends with Tori ever since shooting 90210,” he said. “We’re all still close. Getting a chance to work with her again was just a double bonus”:

“We talk, we’re friends,” he says. “There’s reunions all the time we just don’t display it.” In fact, he saw Perry at Comic-Con and says the video he posted on Instagram “blew up because people are so excited to see us together.”

With all that fan excitement, could a 90210 reboot be in the cards? “Oh, yeah!” says Ziering. “Always a chance. We all talk, we all have ideas. It’s just a matter of time, I think. There’s so much chatter on social media, so much clamoring for a reunion, I’m sure something will happen.”

Sure enough, in late July Ziering posted a video of him and Perry reconnecting at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. “Luke reunion. This is what happens when you see your friend after a year goes by whithout seeing each other,” he wrote.

Obviously, this means that The Last Sharknado very well may not be the last one. For all we know, Ziering and company may be trying to recruit Perry and other original cast members for a Sharknado, 90210 mashup.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)