An ‘SNL’ Morning News Flub Turns Animal Photographer Danny Bangs Into The Creepiest Guy Ever

Only mutants and frightened meteorologists refuse to love Pan’s sweetest gift: The news blooper. That said, Saturday Night Live has provided a cautionary tale about how a simple flub can lead to people believing you are bestiality enthusiast. (And a really happy-go-lucky one at that.)

The cheerfully ridiculous SNL offering tucked above has Mikey Day’s cheery animal photographer Danny Bangs being interviewed by Scarlett Johansson (who did a bang-up job last night) for Good Day Denver. After Cecily Strong’s newscaster throws to their interview and accidentally refers to Bangs as an “animal pornographer.” Naturally, this all leads to a falling Jenga tower of unfortunate phrasing and some really bad news for Danny. It’s the sort of sketch where you can see the jokes coming for a mile away (see: Schweddy Balls) and that’s perfectly alright.

The Denver Zoo (a.k.a. the falsely alleged critter smut factory of Danny Bangs) has commented on their unexpected role in this silly scene. Y’know, as a zoo tends to do after a comedy piece involving double entendres galore.

“Lots of chatter about the portrayal of Denver Zoo on SNL last night,” tweeted the zoo. “Just want to reassure you all, Danny Bangs is not a DZ employee.”

That sassy wink is there to symbolize that they’re not mad, but it also looks a bit like “we wouldn’t let that happen at our zoo WINK!” Did you learn nothing from misunderstandings, Denver Zoo?

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