‘SNL’ Captures The Reaction To Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ In One Epic Disaster Trailer

If Killer Mike’s explanation lacked the drama and peril you expected out of the Beyoncé controversy, Saturday Night Live has you covered. “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black” presents a very exaggerated, Roland Emmerich view of the moment Beyoncé dropped “Formation” on the world and changed life forever. What does it mean? Why is she carrying hot sauce in her bag!? Is Red Lobster paying her for this?

The set up is simple, with the white cast overreacting while the black cast members seem content with the situation. But the standouts on SNL all get a chance to shine a bit, like Kate McKinnon “saving” her son from a future with a black Beyoncé and Kenan pointing out that Beyoncé was actually really white in The Pink Panther. It’s a classy affair and child murder always makes for comedy gold, right?

Nothing here takes SNL out of its comfort zone, but it doesn’t really have to. The real reactions to Beyoncé’s video and Super Bowl performance were ridiculous enough as is, so all they really had to do was kick it up a few notches and prepare for doomsday. Too bad it’ll never see a release in white theaters. Thanks, MPAA!

(Via SNL)

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