Try Not To Crack Up Watching This ‘SNL’ Breaking Character Compilation

There are two types of Saturday Night Live viewers. Ones that love crack-em-up moments where SNL cast members can’t stop giggling, and those that despise such tomfoolery and have burned Jimmy Fallon effigies in a blind rage. The latter seems like a bit of an overreaction (who could have maintained such a robust effigy budget in the ’00s?), so let’s all have fun looking at some hilarious breaking character moments from NBC’s unkillable comedy franchise.

The YouTube user KateMcKinnonTV has crafted a fun, flub-friendly four-and-a-half minute highlight reel of memorable breaking character moments from the show’s history. The sketch chunklets that made the cut feature a number of reliably giggly recurring offerings like Rachel Dratch’s Debbie Downer, Bill Hader as questionable tastemaker Stefon and the divisive (read: makes some of us want to peel the skin off our face) soap opera spoof The Californians. Jimmy Fallon tends to be a load-bearing beam in these sorts of supercuts and this particular combo clip is no exception. It’s a bit ’00s/’10s heavy, but that’s a secret blessing because there are a few recentish cuts that should be new to lapsed fans.

We have this conga line of SNL stars breaking character located at the top of the post. See if you can keep a straight face while watching along.

(Via KateMcKinnonTV)