‘Meet The Press’ Can’t Stop Talking About Jeff Bezos D*ck Pics On ‘SNL’

A lot happened last week, as it always does. But surely SNL agrees with one thing: Let’s stop talking about You Know Who, despite his schizo State of the Union address. Let’s not even talk about all the blackface and racism revealed this week. Instead, let’s take a breather and instead talk all about Jeff Bezos’s penis.

This week the Amazon founder and possible richest person in America claimed that the National Enquirer is extorting him, threatening to publish nude pics of his John Thomas in an attempt to influence his public statements. Even Bezos got in on the fun: The title of his Medium post about the incident is called “No thank you, Mr. Pecker.”

It’s a chilling story about harassment and invasion of privacy. But on SNL’s version of Meet the Press, zeroed in one part: the wang. Chuck Todd chatted with Cecily Strong’s Peggy Noonan, Keenan Thompson’s Eugene Robinson, and Leslie Jones’ Donna Brazile, asking them to weigh in on Bezos’ Bezos.

“I think this is an invasion of privacy,” Thompson’s Robinson said. But when asked if he’ll look at them, he didn’t skip a beat by replying, “I will look at them. I will turn them into memes and send them all to my friends.”

They then debated the most important topic: those reliably outré New York Post cover heds. NYP went with a pretty good “Bezos Exposes Pecker.” Robinson one-upped them: “Your Amazon Package is on the Way.”

Other guests were Aidy Bryant as Matthew Whitaker — and a simple reminder that his boss hates when SNL casts women to play his male employees. Speaking of which Kate McKinnon returned as Wilbur Ross — you know, the financier who didn’t understand why furloughed employees needed their paychecks. Ross went on a lengthy non-sequitur tirade about swapping his own penis with that of a homeless man. Enjoy the silliness before SNL probably gets back to the unending terror that is Trump next week.