The GOP Threw A Wild, Mostly-Male Brett Kavanaugh-Victory Kegger In The ‘SNL’ Cold Opener

A mere handful of hours after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn in as a Supreme Court justice, Saturday Night Live were lampooning the senators that stood by a man accused of sexual assault. There’s really not much to say right now; everyone’s still sorting through their grief (or getting arrested). So it was only appropriate that the cold opening was just a bunch of white GOP dudes (and one or two women) knocking back some brewskis, minus Matt Damon’s Kavanaugh, alas.

The cold opener crashed the confirmation day after party, where Beck Bennett’s Mitch McConnell, Kate McKinnon’s Lindsey Graham, and Cecily Strong’s turncoat Susan Collins were in mid-partying. It’s probably a lot like what was going on for real, except that predominantly old men who ignored credible claims of sexual misconduct perpetrated by a black-out drunk Kavanaugh probably went to bed three or four hours before the sketch aired.

But here we got McKinnon’s Graham thanking “the male lord” and Strong’s Collins saying, “It’s important to believe women until it’s time to stop.” Collins then noted she’ll have a hell of a month before Susan Rice takes her job.

The scene briefly cut to the losers, the do-nothing Democrats who couldn’t convince five senators to vote Kavanaugh down. That’s right: We got Chuck Schumer, who complained about a cold and admitted, “We thought it would go better than the Anita Hill hearing, because Dr. Ford was white.”

The sketch ended with the most accurate description of Kavanaugh we’ve heard in at least a day, referring to him as the “Natty Light of judges.”