‘The Karate Kid’ Gets A Perfect Bully Thanks To John Cena On ‘SNL’

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12.11.16 2 Comments

John Cena had a ton of fun hosting Saturday Night Live this week, and no sketch proved that more than the show’s spoof on The Karate Kid, with Cena as the perfect foe for the sketch’s Daniel stand-in during the final round of the fictional San Fernando Valley karate championships. Cena, er, “human freight train Sammy Knox of the Wolf Claw Dojo beats the daylights out of the supposed hero of this imaginary Karate Kid alternate narrative, and enjoys every second of the beat down.

As he laughs and dances after knocking down his opponent, Cena’s ruthless bully throws taunts like “I got dork on the floor!” and “this kid’s a virgin!” while getting support from his fellow Wolf Claw friends. Of course, in the movie version of a scene like this Cena’s character would get his comeuppance after the hero rises from the floor as inspirational music plays and he gets ready to fight again. But in this sketch, that isn’t the case as even Coach Kennan Thompson’s crazy penny-catching training rituals aren’t enough for his student to avoid a beat down in front of a crowd.

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