‘SNL Weekend Update’ Covered Peloton Lady, Papa John’s Divorce And Impeachment

Billed as covering the week that was, it was only a matter of time that Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update took on the exercise bike the whole Internet is talking about. Peloton, the maker of a smart bike commercial that spawned a million memes, was front and center on SNL on Saturday.

First was the cold open about bullying where Melania Trump, played by Cecily Strong, who expressed her affection for the bike at the end of the segment. And then came Weekend Update, which made sure to get a shot in about the ad, which many saw as sexist.

The joke was a bit crude — that Peloton didn’t use a more overtly sexist slogan.

“But at least they decided against using the slogan: Peloton: You better keep it tighter than the babysitter,” Jost said.

The line drew a laugh from Weekend Update co-host Michael Che, which then made Jost break before moving on to another joke. But it was definitely the most noteworthy line about a controversy that simply won’t go away, as the actress who played the Peloton Lady has also popped up in an ad for Ryan Reynolds’ gin. Both actors in the commercial have spoken out about the backlash, which continues to rage online as the ads continue to run.

Elsewhere in the sketch, Papa John’s divorce was skewered, as it was online as well. The sketch opened with more impeachment jokes, which you can also view below.

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