The Biggest Takeaways We Have After ‘Snowfall’ Season 6, Episode 7

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s episode of Snowfall will be found below.)

Snowfall fans are still reeling from last week’s gut-wrenching episode. In the sixth episode of the season, “Concrete Jungle,” Jerome, a fan-favorite of the show, was shot and killed in a shootout with Kane. The tragic ending left viewers to try and decide who was at fault for Jerome’s death. In Louie’s eyes, Franklin is to blame as it comes as a direct result of their ongoing war. Some would say that it’s Louie’s fault due to her refusal to leave the drug game despite all the money and success she and Jerome had. Then there’s the obvious choice of Kane as he was, you know, the person who kidnapped Louie and forced Jerome to come back to rescue her, all to be killed in the progress. Regardless of who’s to blame, all parties involved have to pick up the pieces and move forward in this week’s episode.

In the seventh episode of the latest season of Snowfall, titled “Charnel House,” we’re met with a grieving Louie who is as cold as we’ve ever seen her. The episode begins with Jerome’s body being taken to a funeral home to be prepared for a casket, something that causes Louie to once again break down into a painful cry. For the rest of the episode, Louie’s emotions are only reserved for her late husband. She’s extremely cold and at times combative when speaking to Cissy who begs her to bring an end to the war. It continues when Louie speaks with Teddy about meeting and again when they actually meet towards the end of the episode. Louie’s distraught pain over the loss of Jerome is clear, and there’s no telling how that will affect everyone else.

Elsewhere in this episode, Franklin continues his search to find Teddy with help from Gustavo, who is in quite a jam. Wanda delivers some surprising news to Leon and it appears that the walls around Teddy could be closing on him soon — and it’s not directly connected to Franklin or Louie.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways that we have after season six’s seventh episode: “Charnel House”:

Louie Has Nothing More To Lose

Jerome was the only person Louie cared about, especially during the family war. In her eyes, everyone picked their sides and Jerome was the only one who was unconditionally beside her — Franklin was the enemy and Cissy, Veronique, and Leon were all beside him. It’s for this reason that she can look Cissy in the eye and shrug off her request to end the war for the sake of everyone. Cissy begs and tries to get Louie to listen, but if she wasn’t in support of a truce before Jerome’s death, there’s no way she will be now, and Louie tells CIssy just that. “You still got things you care about,” Louie says coldly to Cissy. “I don’t.” With Louie’s promise to Teddy that she’ll kill Franklin the second she gets the chance at the funeral, and her conversation with Franklin at the funeral, there’s no telling what her next move will be. We do know that it will be made to avenge Jerome’s death in one way or another.

Franklin And Gustavo’s Best Win Is To Find Teddy

Gustavo is backed into a corner with only one way out: he has to give up Teddy. The DEA, KGB, and Franklin each want Teddy, but for Gustavo, there’s no way to give up Teddy to each party and get out of the situation alive and out of jail. The DEA is dangling a presumably long sentence over his head for Teddy’s whereabouts while the KGB agent has infiltrated Gustavo’s home to threaten his family over Teddy as well. Then there’s Franklin, who simply wants to kill Teddy for stealing his $73 million. It leaves Gustavo in a sticky situation, but his choice may not be as hard as it seems. Franklin promised to give Gustavo $1 million in exchange for Teddy, and that is far better than any deal that DEA or KGB has offered him. With the DEA, Gustavo would just escape prison or serve a lighter sentence while with the KGB, he would get relocated to a safe place with just enough money to start a new life. If you ask me, $1 million is a lot better than both of those options. Plus, going with Franklin guarantees that Teddy will be out of their respective lives for the rest of time, something that’s a big win for both Gustavo and Franklin.

'Snowfall' Franklin S6 E7
Ray Micksaw/FX

Leon Might Want To Consider Following Wanda

Amid all the chaos of the last few episodes, an underlying theme has been Wanda’s growing discontent with life in the projects. Remember, at the beginning of the season, Wanda was at her happiest when she and Leon were living their best lives in Ghana. It was Leon who decided they needed to return to LA as he felt guilty for leaving his home in a mess that he helped cause. However, for Wanda, her time in Ghana was the first moment in her life that she was finally able to escape the demons and pains that surrounded her in Los Angeles. So when she informs Leon in episode seven of her plans to move out of the projects, it comes as a shock to him but not so much to us watching at home. As I wrote after episode five, Wanda cannot grow where she wasn’t rooted. Furthermore, Leon might want to consider joining her as it’s clear that the world is crumbling around the Saint family. He claims to have a few more things to fix in the projects before letting go, but just like last time, it could all get ruined and destroyed once he leaves. For once Leon, save yourself.

Franklin And Teddy Should Both Fear Louie

There is no telling what Louie’s next move will be and that is something that should scare the hell out of Franklin and Teddy. In one moment, we see Louie meet with Teddy and assure him that if he wants Franklin killed after the funeral, she will get it done. Then in another, Louie is met with Franklin’s reminder of the promise she made to help him find Teddy while she was tied up in the warehouse. There’s no true confirmation on what Louie’s next move will be as eliminating either Teddy or Franklin will be beneficial to her and help her somewhat avenge Jerome’s death. It’s this uncertainty that should worry Franklin and Teddy. On one end, it appears that Louie will stand by her family and not allow anyone else in the Saint circle to be killed, but on the other, she could throw that all away and go after Franklin who she believes is to blame for Jerome’s death. There are three episodes left in the final season of Snowfall and it’s through those that we’ll find out what Louie’s decision is — if she picks either at all.

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