The Only Real-Life ‘The Walking Dead’ Couple Never Appeared Onscreen Together

Per usual on AMC’s delightful weekly chat show, Friday Night in the with Morgans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife Hilarie Burton brought in someone from the AMC family. Last week, it was Samantha Morton and her regrowing hair, while they have also had on Michael Cudlitz and Sarah Wayne Callies, along with Christian Serratos. Interestingly, the series has not yet had on the biggest star of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus, and his wife, actress Diane Kruger.

However, on this week’s episode of Friday Night in with the Morgans, they brought in real-life The Walking Dead couple, Sonequa Martin-Green — who used to play Sasha — and her real-life husband, Kenric Green, who plays Scott, the MVP of The Walking Dead. Sonequa Martin-Green is currently seven months pregnant, but unlike the last time she was pregnant (because of the pandemic) she doesn’t have to hide her pregnancy for the cameras, as she did on The Walking Dead.

In any respect, Sonequa and Kenric are an amazing couple, and on Friday Night with the Morgans, they spoke about a guilty pleasure of theirs during the pandemic: Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, the trash reality show inspired by a Seinfeld episode. “It just looked like a dumpster fire that’s been arranged for you, perfect for your viewing pleasure,” Kenric said on the show. “No shade, no shade!” added Sonequa.

Sonequa and Kenric also revealed something that many may not have realized. Sonequa has left The Walking Dead, while Kenric has continued on with the series. However, despite the fact that they were both on the series together for several seasons, they never shared anytime onscreen. “The weird thing is, we have appeared on two different television shows together and we have yet to actually appear on-screen,” Kenric said. In fact, he added, appearing on Friday Night in with the Morgans is the most time they have ever spent onscreen together.

The other series they have appeared together on is Star Trek: Discovery, where Kenric plays Sonequa’s father, but because he appears in a flashback with the younger version of Sonequa’s character, they again never appear onscreen together on that show, either.

This week’s episode of Friday Night in with the Morgans also features a reunion, of sorts, between Hilarie Burton and her One Tree Hill co-star, Sophia Bush, who has spent the pandemic repainting every room in her house. Friday Night in with the Morgans airs Friday nights on AMC.