‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner Is Channeling Sansa Stark With Her New Look

The Queen of the North is back. Or at least her hair is.

Sophie Turner is a natural blonde, but she’s an honorary member of the Redhead Club for her dragon-fire hair on Game of Thrones, where she played Sansa Stark for seven seasons. (You’re telling me there were eight seasons? If you say so…) The Emmy-nominated actress, who will return to HBO for an adaptation of The Staircase, has been blonde since the fantasy series ended, but she recently brought back the red hair:

Sophie and Joe Jonas were spotted at a Los Angeles Dodgers game on Sunday in Atlanta and, in pics, Sophie can be seen rocking some newly-dyed red hair. This is the first time the actress has worn her hair that color since filming Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix back in 2019. Since then, she’s been wearing her hair her natural blonde hue. Sophie also showed off the new look in a mirror selfie posted on her Instagram Stories.

In the Instagram photo, she’s covering her face with her phone, but her newly-dyed red hair is on display, as is her Olivia Rodrigo shirt. “I feel like I would do anything, I really do,” Turner told Allure in 2018 about changing her hair. “I’m very experimental, and having been a redhead for so long and not being allowed to do anything to my hair, now I’m like, I just want to do everything!” That includes going back to being a redhead.


The Game of Thrones healing has begun.

(Via Seventeen)