Sophie Turner Is Having None Of Sansa Being Called One Of The Most ‘Cruel Villains’ In The ‘Game Of Thrones’-Verse

Feet freak Larys Strong and nasty skank bitch Criston Cole have quickly entered the pantheon of great Game of Thrones/House of the Dragon universe villains, alongside Joffrey and… Sansa?

Twitter user @daenartist went viral this week for a tweet that reads, “One thing I love about the GoT show universe is it’s portrayals of the most heartless and cruel villains. No other show or movie makes you as invested in watching their downfall, it almost feels personal,” along with photos of Joffrey Baratheon, Ramsay Bolton, newly-crowned king Aegon II Targaryen, and Sansa Stark. Only a self-described “dany loyalist,” as @daenartist describes themselves in their Twitter bio, would call Sansa a villain.

The replies to the objectively incorrect tweet (except the Aegon II part, f*ck him) are firmly pro-Sansa, including one person who wrote, “I will defend Sansa with my LIFE. Yeah, she made some mistakes in the beginning of the show, but she was a genuinely kind hearted person and learned from her faults. She went through more than most people in the show, and ended up growing from it. Peak character development.” Another added, “You’re putting Sansa on a list with JOFFREY and RAMSAY at least put Little Finger, the Night King, Cersei… someone who’s actually… you know… a villain.”

The tweet seemingly caught the attention of Sansa actress, Sophie Turner, who shared the following context-free photo in an Instagram Story:

Hating Sansa is so 2012. Get with the times. Hate Aemond instead.

(Via ET Online)