Spike Will Revere And Roast Alec Baldwin For ‘One Night Only’

The Manswers brain trust at Spike would like to lavish praise upon actor/credit card spokesguy Alec Baldwin. They’d also like to dump on him as well. How can they achieve this goal? Knock out a new special that involves having your cake, eating it too and presumably keeping an unhinged Alex Jones away from said cake. (It’s almost as if folks are touchy about the man’s Trump. 2017: Catch the Fever!)

Variety reports that a special resembling a merger of This Is Your Life (ask your grandparents) and a Dean Martin roast (ask your uncle with the drinking problem) will be awaiting Baldwin as part of the cable outpost’s latest One Night Only special. (Eddie Murphy did one a number of years back, don’t cha know?) Taping in June at Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater, the black tie affair will include “comedy, film packages, music, candid (and humorous) personal stories, and several surprises.”

“I am dreading this. I am truly dreading this,” said SNL‘s resident Trump. “But if Tracy Morgan is coming, it’ll be okay. Is Tracy coming?”

This celebrity rich shindig is scheduled to arrive on Spike on July 9. Will Baldwin be required to lip sync a song in an elaborate outfit as is the network’s custom? We’ll have to wait and see.

(Via Variety)