The ‘Stargirl’ Trailer Gives DC Fans Their First Glimpse Of Joel McHale’s Superhero Character

DC Universe will soon stream their Stargirl series that will also air on the CW, through which the first trailer has debuted. I do have to say that the visual effects look, well, purposefully outdated? Let’s hope. The series revolves around a teenage girl, Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), who realizes that her stepdad (played by Luke Wilson) once served as a righthand man to a superhero. That sidekick would be the Star-Spangled Kid, and the superhero would be Starman, who will be portrayed by Joel McHale. And that’s the whole setup for the very short trailer, so we don’t learn much at all, but relevant to our interests, we get a look at McHale and his character’s cosmic energy staff.

This will, of course, be McHale’s first superhero role, and the Community star told us last year about the incarnation of the Starman character (and there have been several versions over the years) that he will play. He’ll be able to fly and shoot energy with the staff, but here’s more on this specific version’s background. As one can expect for a 2020 show, tweaks have been made:

Starman was invented, well, I guess he premiered, in 1941 for real. The same exact year that Captain America premiered, and it’s a very interesting — because I didn’t know this about comic books — that competing companies would kind of release the same character … My character is resurrected from back then, and he’s had different incarnations over the years. I have a friend who’s a serious comic book aficionado, and he’s a big fan. At some point, he had an overcoat, and he always had a powerful staff. Anyway, Stargirl is the name of the series, and I am indirectly related to this girl. She plays a high schooler, so it’s a whole new universe that they’re introducing with some old characters.

McHale’s Starman will apparently pass the staff on to Stargirl during this series, and he previously told us that the accessory is a bit like Thor’s hammer because only certain folks are worthy to hold the thing, so no wonder everyone’s surprised in this trailer. Stargirl will debut in spring 2020.