Stephen Colbert And John Oliver Assess The Damage Of Election 2016 On Stage With ‘Wow! That Was Weird’

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11.20.16 8 Comments

Montclair Film Fest

Saturday night saw two of late night’s best names share a stage together in an effort to put a cap on the exhausting election season. But for Stephen Colbert and John Oliver, you have to feel that they figured they’d have a different script to go off before the final results of Election 2016 became clear. But the duo seemed to make the best of it and revealed a few interesting things about their respective shows.

According to The New York Times, the panel was scheduled weeks ago in an effort to raise funds for the Montclair Film Festival –where Colbert’s wife works as president of the board — but the event itself became “like a group therapy session” with the two sharing their thoughts and war stories from the election that preceded. Yahoo News compared the event to Colbert’s live Showtime election special that went from a celebration of the election ending on a somber note to kick off a new political era:

“We had guests and pre-taped pieces for one of three eventualities: Hillary Clinton wins and we know; Hillary Clinton winds and we don’t know, because it’s not called until the show’s over; or Donald Trump winds and we don’t know, because he had such a narrow path to victory….

“We have two-and-a-half shows worth of material that you’ll probably never see,” he said mournfully. “We had all these made-up commercials, but none of them were appropriate once we went on the air.”

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