‘Stranger Things’ Is Giving Us More Erica In Season 4, Thank God

Erica Sinclair’s arrival in Season 2 of Stranger Things was a breath of fresh air. Though her role was minor at the time, Lucas’ younger sister was a force to be reckoned with. She was more of a prominent character in Season 3, though, after being upped to a recurring guest star. Erica appeared in four episodes last season and thankfully got to play a much bigger role in the narrative. Now, Variety is reporting that Priah Ferguson has been promoted to series regular in Season 4. That means we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Erica, and thank God for that!

In Season 3, Erica frequented Starcourt Mall’s ice cream shop, Scoops Ahoy, pestering both Steve and Robin because the young girl enjoyed the free samples of ice cream a bit too much. Erica later agreed to help Dustin, Steve, and Robin gain access to the Russian storage room, but only if they promised her free ice cream for life in return. Honestly, her priorities were in order. No one wants to enter into a dangerous situation without a promise of a reward, right?

Season 4 recently went into production. Beyond Ferguson’s promotion, however, not much else is known about the season’s plot. The first teaser did reveal that Jim Hopper is, in fact, the elusive “American” who appeared in the Season 3 post-credits scene. Believed to be dead, Hopper is alive and well, but he’s stuck in Russia. While it’s unclear whether Erica will be a part of the plot to get him back or if she’ll be involved in an entirely different storyline. Either way, the ice-cream loving character was one of the best parts of Season 3, and it’s great news that she’ll be around a lot more in Season 4.

Netflix hasn’t set a premiere date for Season 4 yet, but stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, we can sleep more soundly knowing series showrunners The Duffer Brothers made a wise decision in giving fans more Erica.

(Via Variety)