‘Succession’ Walloped Viewers With The Messiest Dose Of Drama Right Out Of The Gate This Week

SPOILERS from this week’s Succession will be found below.

Succession did a number on viewers last week with the (somewhat premature) death of Logan Roy and another seven episodes left until closing time. Now, it’s time to clean up the public relations mess after stock tanked, and there’s the matter of, you know, succession. Logan had the sale in motion, and he had screwed Roman beforehand (by having him fire Gerri to test his loyalty). And Connor got married anyway, so good for him.

Logan Roy has moved onto Hell, and right off the bat this week, Logan’s inner circle debated who should finish the deal in process. And both Gerri and Karl let Tom know what everyone really thinks of him (and his claimed desire “to serve”), but aside from this business, something shocking has already been revealed: Shiv happens to be pregnant.

Reading between the lines here: Shiv presumably had no plans to terminate the pregnancy, given that there’s already been an amniocentesis and mentions of a 20-week appointment. Given that this season will end before she gives birth (each episode covers a day), we’ll never find out what kind of mother she would be, but she isn’t the nurturing type! Granted, she was molded that way, but oof, the next generation will continue to be messy as this one.

Tom seemed to be unaware of this news. Also, Shiv regarded him as icily as always. Did she find out that she was pregnant before or after Tom betrayed her? Inquiring minds are freaking out.

Another shocker: a note in Logan’s personal safe nebulously indicated (underline? cross out?) that Logan wanted Kendall to take over Waystar Royco (which is obv not the same company now, so it would be an interim decision until the sale happens). The board, in turn, felt that Kendall and Roman should take over, which sent Shiv reeling and falling down a few stairs. Uh oh.

HBO’s Succession airs on Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST.