‘Succession’ Gave Fans A Delightful New ‘Disgusting Brothers’-Ism Before Pulling The Rug Out From Underneath Them

WARNING: Huge massive Succession spoiler below. You have been warned.

Not even three episodes into the final season and Succession dropped what could very well be the biggest bomb of the entire show. Fans are still reeling from the gut punch event. There’s no way for the characters or the viewers to escape the gravitational pull of Logan Roy’s death. It’s all-consuming and triggers a massive power shift that will define the rest of the season. What could possibly survive that kind of fallout?

The Disgusting Brothers, that’s what.

Despite the grim, emotional events of “Connor’s Wedding,” Succession fans are still tenaciously clinging to a delightful Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and Greg (Nicholas Braun) moment from the top of the episode. While calling to harass/emotionally connect with his loyal lackey ahead of the ill-fated flight to Sweden, Tom taunts Greg by revealing that he brought along some “Greglets” who are already hard at work doing some “Gregging” for him. Fans absolutely loved it.

As you can see by the reactions below, people did not forget the hilarious “Disgusting Brothers” moment even after they realized it would not be the highlight of the episode. A close second, for sure, but it was a pretty dizzying height to fall from:

Succession Season 4 airs Sunday on HBO and HBO Max.