‘Supergirl’ Will Ends Its CW Run With Its Forthcoming Sixth Season

Five years ago, DC took one of their richest but most tainted characters — Supergirl, the source of a disastrous bomb from the less superhero movie-besotted year of 1984 — and successfully rebranded her as a popular CW show. Yet according to Deadline, when the show returns next year for its sixth season it will be its last hurrah.

Mind you, the last run of episodes aren’t even in the can yet. Supergirl’s sixth season is one of many shows to be impacted by the still rampaging pandemic, which has mostly shuttered scripted television and movies. Deadline’s source claims the show is scheduled to begin filming on September 28, in Vancouver, where infection rates are much lower than here. However, the deal over testing guidelines and safety conditions have yet to be finalized between local unions and the production studio.

Moreover, filming will have to start without its star, Melissa Benoist, who did double duties as superpowered Supergirl/Kara Zor-El and her human disguise, Kara Danvers, who like her cousin, Superman/Jor-El/Clark Kent, is a reporter. Due to scheduling conflicts, she will join production later in the year, which should prove to be another fun production challenge.

The reason for Supergirl’s cancellation is reportedly down to decreased ratings, although pandemic headaches probably haven’t made things any easier, as with a number of shows. At least the program will get a solid farewell, complete with a longer-than-usual season. So farewell to Kara, but you’ll see her later, at least in the funny pages.

(Via Deadline)