Jared Padalecki Has ‘Seriously Considered’ A ‘Supernatural’ Revival With Jensen Ackles

‘Tis the season of reboots, revivals, and numerous spinoffs, so it’s only (super)natural that any show that has been over for at least five years gets thrown into the mix. Supernatural ended in 2020, meaning everyone is starting to miss it again and the fans are hoping for some more supernatural occurrences. We don’t really need to talk about the ill-fated spinoff, though.

Earlier this week, Padalecki told Collider that a reunion isn’t off the table, though it’s a complicated subject. “It’s not that I haven’t seriously considered doing it, my single answer is yes. It’s timing. It’s availability,” he said.

Padalecki explained that the timing has to be right, and the story has to be worthwhile, not just thrown together to appease the fans. “Jensen and I feel so strongly about our show that we had for 15 years together that we don’t wanna just do it, just to do it. We don’t wanna go, ‘Hey, I have two weeks off in June. Let’s go ahead and shoot 10 pages a day, just so we can have some more content.’”

Rumors have been swirling about a reunion for years, though they were quickly squashed when the on-screen brothers were publicly beefing over the aforementioned spinoff, which was canceled after one season. They seemed to have gotten over that, though.

“If and when Supernatural comes back, it’s going to be a labor of love, and we’re gonna put every hour in to make sure that it’s as true to the canon and to the fandom and to the story and to the characters as possible,” Padalecki concluded. “So, my short answer is it’s not a consideration, the answer is yes. I just don’t know when I’m available. I don’t know when he’s available. But again, my answer is yes,” he added. Until then, the former Gilmore Girls star is busy with his Western drama Walker. You can take the boy out of The CW but you can’t take The CW out of the boy, it seems.

(Via Collider)