Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Tulsa King’ Experience Hasn’t Been The Comfiest: ‘Oklahoma Has Definitely Prepared Me’ For ‘Hell’

Sylvester Stallone has been making headlines for his dragging of Rocky producers, who he called “pathetic” and “moronic” over their plans to film a Drago spinoff amid continuing success of the Creed movies. Stallone has formally left the franchise building and won’t be back for Creed III, and he’s subsequently felt free to rain fire upon Irwin Winkler over ownership stakes in the iconic films. Speaking of fire, the man who embodied John Rambo has had a bit of a hellish experience this summer.

Stallone’s been in Oklahoma to film Paramount+’s Tulsa King series, which has been on location in the city proper and in the OKC area. Locals not-so-affectionately refer to that as the “biggest truck stop in the world,” which is beside the point. Like much of the U.S., Oklahoma has been freaking hot lately. Regional patron saint/weather dude Travis Meyer has guided residents through an unprecedented number of consecutive 100+ degree days, and let’s just say that Stallone is feeling the burn. While showcasing his mob capo character’s love for tiny cups, he got real with an Instagram comment.

KJRH, a local CBS affiliate, spotted a Stallone reply to Andrew Dice King’s affirmative comment: “Can Tell it’s Gonna Be Great !!!” And then came Stallone’s response: “Being in Oklahoma has definitely prepared me for a lifetime in hell if I ever got sent there!”

Well, he’s not wrong, but watch out, Sly. You’ll miss these days when you’re filming a wintery Season 2, which I’m just gonna title as Tulsa King: The Ice Storm Where Power Went Out For Nine Days.

In Tulsa King (which arrives from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan), Sly plays a mafia boss who leaves prison and gets shipped off to Oklahoma, where he’s totally out of his element and must build his mob army or something. Details have been scarce, thank goodness. That’ll make it all better to experience a sweaty Stallone when Tulsa King streams in November.

(Via KJRH/CBS In Tulsa)