There Was Only One Teeny Problem With Tara Reid’s ‘Queen Of Hearts’ Halloween Costume…

Like most people, Tara Reid got excited about her Halloween costume and couldn’t wait to show it off on social media. The Sharknado actress also hoped this year’s outfit might lead to more opportunities in the vast comic book movie arena, so it’s important she get this right. Manifesting dreams is important and powerful stuff.

“Queen of hearts I feel like a superhero in this outfit,” Reid tweeted on Sunday night. “I’m looking forward to playing new roles in future films channeling this energy.”

There’s just one small problem. Outside of a tiny necklace, the cards on Reid’s costume were not hearts. Literally every single one is the suit of diamonds, and well, Twitter definitely noticed.

After getting roasted for the faux-pas, Reid fired back at the haters on Monday. “This is for the shape police of Twitter,” she tweeted along with a screencap of her Instagram post showing the same exact costume. Only this time, there was a large diamond heart on her shoulder. The American Pie actress was not going down without a fight.

As for whether sticking a heart onto a costume made entirely of diamond cards stopped Twitter from dunking on Reid, well… have you been on that site before? It’s not a place known for subtlety and chill vibes. Folks kept right on going with the diamond gags, including this… gem.

(Via Tara Reid on Twitter)