Taran Killam Continues Sharing His Disappointment Over Trump Hosting ‘SNL’ With ‘Conan’

Entertainment Writer

While it is has been made clear that the folks behind the scenes at SNL weren’t very excited for Donald Trump as host, Taran Killam has likely been the most outspoken since he departed the show. Killam played Trump on SNL before Darrell Hammond made a quick return and Alec Baldwin took over at the beginning of season 42, so he was sort of in the line of fire when the then candidate hosted. He’s previously called the experience “not fun” and that neither the cast or Trump himself were “excited to be there.”

Killam also made it clear during an interview with NPR that the appearance by Trump is “something that only grows more embarrassing and shameful as time goes on” and seems to still hold that sentiment during this interview with Conan O’Brien on Monday. While he keeps the criticism of his former home at SNL at a minimum, even praising Lorne Michaels for his outlook that everybody is a guest when they come to SNL and should be treated as such. But with that, he does admit that the current president is a hard pill to swallow and has only gotten crazier with time.

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