#TeamCap Showed Up To Talk ‘Civil War’ With Jimmy Kimmel And Make Fun Of Paul Rudd

Marvel is heavy on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. On Tuesday we’ll get our first look at the trailer for Doctor Strange thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Hemsworth on Thursday, and the stars of Captain America: Civil War throughout the week. On Wednesday we’ll see #TeamIronMan show up for a chat, but tonight it was the brotherly members of #TeamCap to talk about the movies and make fun of Paul Rudd a bit.

None of the ladies were on hand, but Chris Evans brought his pals with him for a little promotion fun. Evans came out solo to start the interview and spent most of his time talking about the Patriots, but it business really picked up when Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Rudd joined him. Not only did Rudd end up comparing himself to Flounder from Animal House — always a good choice — but he also got a chance to meet his action figure from Civil War. Size doesn’t matter.

Anthony Mackie also showed off why he’s the leader of the pack once filming has stopped –spoiler alert: He’s the next Captain America, book it now! — and even showed off ‘the sweet spot’ we all have that just ruins any fan encounter he has. He demonstrates on Jimmy Kimmel and makes things a little weird. Not as weird as Chris Evans and his left-breast-grabbing tactics, but still pretty awkward.

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(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)