‘The Boys’ Star Antony Starr Is Speculating About How Crowd Scenes Can Still Happen In The Age Of COVID

As The Boys Season 3 gets ready to start filming in Vancouver, Homelander actor Antony Starr is feeling nostalgic for his character’s obsession with soaking up as much hero worship as superhumanly possible from an adoring audience. While re-posting a still from one of his favorite The Boys scenes, Starr couldn’t help but share his concerns on how the show will be able to shoot crowd scenes under the new COVID restrictions. Granted, Starr is confident the creative team has a solution, but it turns out that the Homelander actor also enjoys the thrill of a captive audience.

“One of my favourite scenes of the show… ranting at a crowd like a megalomaniac creep…. I never felt so at home…” Starr wrote on Instagram. “Not sure how we will pull these crowd scenes off but I’ll bet our awesome team will come up with something.”

You can see Antony Starr’s Instagram post below:

Arranging a crowd scene is going to be just one of the logistical nightmares facing Season 3 of The Boys. Showrunner Eric Kripke recently revealed that the series will be adapting the infamous “Herogasm” storyline, which involves The Seven pretending to take on an intergalactic threat, but really, they jetted off to a private island for a massive orgy. Via Entertainment Weekly:

The Boys must infiltrate this sex island, complete with a Human Centipede-esque oral sex train, on their latest mission. There’s also a, shall we say, intimate moment between Homelander and Soldier Boy that happens in Herogasm. And, as we know, Jensen Ackles is now playing Soldier Boy in season 3. So… Yeah, we have questions.

While The Boys comic is known for being exceptionally graphic, the TV series hasn’t been hesitant to stay faithful to the source material. In Season 2, the show introduced a live-action version of Love Sausage, a character whose power is having a massive, well, love sausage. So it’ll be interesting to see just how far the series will go when it comes time to adopt The Boys‘ raunchiest storyline.

(Via Antony Starr on Instagram)