‘The Boys’ Gave A Side-Eye (From An Upcoming Guest Star) To ‘Gen V’ Over The Spinoff’s New Orientation Video

The Boysfourth season should arrive sometime in 2024, but first, the show’s college-focused spinoff will debut at the end of this month. We can expect to see multiple cameos from the original cast. That includes Colby Minifie’s Ashley, Jessie T. Usher’s A-Train, and Chace Crawford’s The Deep.

Speaking of the latter, here he is, giving the side eye to Gen V‘s recent revelation of their orientation video at Godolkin University. This is much like the flagship series already dragging the followup on social media while revealing the timeline where Gen V occurs in relation to Homelander’s misdeeds.

This actually isn’t a brand-spanking-new image. Back in 2020, The Boys previously tweeted The Deep only pretending to read a book that’s upside down. He was probably reading something on the history of “Herogasm.”

Previously, the franchise revealed that the students of Godolkin are very aware of Homelander and are all gunning for a position in The Seven. There are a few open spaces after the departure of Queen Maeve and the formal defection of Starlight. Black Noir as we know him will probably also receive some fine tuning, but we won’t know how that goes until after we watch Jaz Sinclair “explode” a guy’s “d*ck” on this season of Gen V. Fun!

Amazon’s Gen V will premiere on September 29.