The Social Media Team For ‘The Boys’ Sure Is Having A Lot Of Fun With The Chaos At HBO Max

The social media team for The Boys is clearly not wasting an opportunity to roast the HBO Max fiasco at the newly-formed Warner Bros. Discovery. During its earnings call this week, WBD confirmed its oddly-gendered plan to merge HBO Max and Discovery+ into a giant super-app next summer. Considering The Boys has heavily satirized the look and feel of Warner’s DC Extended Universe — along with notable jabs at Marvel, of course — it’s perfectly fitting for the Amazon series to have a little fun with the recent corporate shenanigans.

Using the Twitter account for Vought International, the massive entertainment and pharmaceutical conglomerate responsible for the “Supes” on the show, the social media team released a satirical announcement for you, you guessed it, a new super app that takes a very notable dig at Discovery’s stable of reality television. It also didn’t miss a chance to dunk on WBD’s weird proclamation that HBO Max is for boys and Discovery+ is for girls, which still has people scratching their heads.

Vought is bringing your streaming together in one, fairly easy-to-use app. VTV+, VNN+ and VSN+ are now part of Vought++! It’s plus-plus, for only an additional $29.99 per month. Rewatch Dawn of the Seven with the guys, dive in to Property Flippers with the gals, plus more!

Oddly, The Boys social media team didn’t get in a good jab at WBD shelving Batgirl for a tax write-off, but the show is hard at work on Season 4, so don’t be surprised to see a gag (or two) pop up when the Amazon series returns.

(Via Vought International on Twitter)