‘The Boys’ Showrunner Eric Kripke Has Cleared Up A Big Question About A Major Character’s Season Finale Fate

(SPOILERS for The Boys Season 2 finale will be found below.)

With the Season 2 finale of The Boys now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, fans have been curious about the fate of one particular character who seemingly bit the big one following a deadly and heart-breaking confrontation. Well, they’re in luck, because showrunner Eric Kripke isn’t shying away from confirming what happened after the final showdown.

After an attempt to rescue Rebecca’s son Ryan from Homelander goes sideways, Butcher and Rebecca find themselves facing off against the literal Nazi, Stormfront, who easily overpowers them. As Stormfront chokes the life out of Rebecca, Ryan finally taps into the rage needed to active his heat vision, which is clearly much stronger than Homelander, since it reduces Stormfront to smoldering lump on the ground, but not without tragic results for Rebecca. However, when Homelander arrives on the scene, Stormfront is still muttering in German despite being burnt to a crisp and missing several limbs. While the episode doesn’t make it clear that she’s dead, it’s easy to understand why fans would think she’s gone for good. But Kripke has confirmed that isn’t the case, and Stormfront is very much alive. Via TVLine:

No, she’s not dead! She’s Stumpfront! She’s a stumpy little Nazi. She’s actually not dead. What we thought was interesting is, if you remember, she ages very, very slowly. So the best poetic ending for that character is someone who so believed in some kind of pure race finds herself mutilated and having to live with it for potentially centuries felt like a fate worse than death for her. So no, Stumpfront is not dead. Hashtag Stumpfront lives!

While this leaves the door open for Aya Cash to make an appearance in season three of The Boys, the actress might me busy with another project. She recently revealed that she loved to play one of the X-Men in the MCU, especially if she gets to gender-swap a classic character. Although, judging by how Cash relished her role on The Boys, we’re guessing she’d be game to return as Stumpfront.

(Via TVLine)