‘The Boys’ Will Make Its Most Controversial Move Ever In Season 3 (With A Musical Episode)

Amazon’s The Boys will really push the envelope this time. That’s saying something, especially considering that their Emmys-submitted clip probably freaked out some people not familiar with how the show does things. And given that Chace Crawford admitted to wondering whether he’d work again after seeing what The Deep does in Season 3 (after already, uh, showing off his tan lines and enduring some gill action), fans will really be in for an outrageous treat.

That includes a depiction of the comic book’s famous “Herogasm” arc (which is totally what it sounds like, and it’s a group effort). And shock of all shocks, the season will contain a musical episode. This development was heavily suggested in a teaser trailer (shortly after the 1:10 mark), and here’s a screencap of Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Frenchie (Tomer Capone), who appear to be building on their enhanced connection.

The Boys Musical
Via Amazon Prime on YouTube

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly (which published a higher-quality/preview photo), Capone declared, “Dancing With the Stars ain’t got s— on us.” That sounds about right. The pair trained with choreographer Amy Wright, and here’s more:

“In my private life I do love to move and express my rhythm, but I’m not sure you can call it dancing,” Capone says. “But if it’s in the script, I’ll go for it.”

Even after executing moves like her season 2 “Black Widow flip,” Fukuhara feels dancing was the hardest part for her in season 3. “I am not used to it,” she says. “If you don’t know the basic moves, you can’t do the choreography. It’s so difficult.”

Fans will surely be here to watch them get down and boogie.

The Boys returns to Amazon on June 3.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)