‘The Boys’ Season 3 Gag Reel Is Somehow More Vulgar Than The Actual Show

The Boys puts the “gag” in gag reel.

Sony has released the bloopers for season three of the Amazon Prime Video superhero series, which you can watch above. In it, you’ll find Homelander pretending to, ahem, pleasure multiple men at once; Billy Butcher fake punching a guy; and Starlight gagging and spitting up a pineapple White Claw. Can you blame her? The mango White Claw is where it’s at. The gag reel also has swearing. Lots and lots of creative swearing.

Before the strike, The Boys star Jack Quaid discussed what to expect in season four with Esquire. “It’s my favorite season we’ve ever shot,” he said. “It’s a very intense season. You really get to mine the depth of every character — and it still has those ‘What just happened?!’ moments. Audiences are still going to be surprised and will be really into the direction that it takes. We take some chances that I think are really awesome. It’s our best one yet.”

The Boys season four doesn’t have a premiere date, but it will have what one of the show’s visual effects supervisors and producers called “the most disgusting thing I have seen working in this business thus far.”