What The Deal With Netflix’s ‘The Chosen One,’ The New Show Rocketing Up The Worldwide Streaming Charts?

While fans are still eagerly awaiting any news on Stranger Thingsfinal season, there is a new preteen with telekinetic powers who is taking Netflix by storm.

Developed by Everado and Leopoldo Gout, The Chosen One is the latest series to bring supernatural vibes to a group of coming-of-age teens, though this time it takes place in Baja California Sur, Mexico, and centers on a young boy named Jodie who seems to harness the same powers as Jesus Christ himself. The kid can walk on water, heal the wounded, and even bring back the dead. All before heading to high school to confront the bullies!

The series is quickly gaining popularity worldwide and sits atop the Netflix Top 10 TV (non-English) after debuting just last week, so here’s everything you need to know.


The show brings the popular graphic novel series American Jesus by Mark Millar to life through six action-packed episodes. After a freak accident gives a young boy supernatural powers, his life begins to change forever, while his mom attempts to protect him from the non-believers. Here is the official synopsis, as per Netflix:

Imagine for a moment… You’re 12 years old and one day you discover that you possess the same powers as Jesus Christ. Meet Jodie, a kid who finds himself in awe as he starts to develop incredible and divine abilities. The events and revelations that follow lead the young prodigy and his crew of friends to embark on a supernatural coming of age journey through the Baja region that could change their reality and everything the world believes. Will he rise to answer the divine call?


The series stars newcomer Bobby Luhnow as Jodie, and Glee alum Diana Agron as his mother, Sarah, who is trying her best to keep her son safe. Lilith Curiel and Juanito Anguamea portray Jodie’s pals, Magda and Tuka, while Carlos Bardem plays Pastor Cruz, a local priest who becomes suspicious of Jodie’s abilities.


Watch the trailer below to get a better sense of what the show is all about.

(Via Tudum)