‘The Crown’ Is Looking To Cast An ‘Easy Win’ Of A Role While Talk Of A Prequel Series Swirls, Too

The Crown continues to be that series about the British Royals that compels even people who otherwise don’t care about the British Royals. The fourth season delightfully (and finally) sh*t all over the fairytale with its depiction of how Princess Diana was treated by the Fam Firm, which included plenty of jealous tantrums from the philandering Prince Charles. This, of course, greatly upset the British government, who requested some kind of “fictional” label on the show, to which Netflix pushed back hard.

Well, more ruffled British feathers could be on the way because the show’s thinking about including a young Kate Middleton in Season 6. Notably, as the Daily Mail and The Sun note, this apparently isn’t a “crucial” role. Rather, this is reportedly seen as “an easy win for The Crown, as it will get more people watching.” And the show might not even go there, if they can’t “find the right candidate,” who would portray Kate as she caught William’s eye at university. Still, look for people to somehow be upset by this because that’s how some British reactions to this show go down.

In related news, Deadline is reporting that Netflix and the Left Bank production house are mulling over a prequel series while the show approaches penultimate season time. Here are some preliminary details:

Any prequel would likely cover the pre-World War Two era or late Victorian era when Queen Victoria reigned. She was the UK’s longest-serving monarch until Queen Elizabeth took that record several years ago.

Deadline understands conversations over the prequel are in their early stages and it is not yet in development nor near greenlight stage.

The upcoming Season 5 of the flagship series will star Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth, Dominic West as Prince Charles, and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana. The Crown, however, will officially end following a sixth season, so don’t look for any fallout over Duchesses Kate and Meghan to be a storyline. And don’t expect royal-family superfan Piers Morgan to appear as himself.

(Via Deadline)