‘The Crown’ Has Found Its Prince William, And It’s The Son Of The Actor Who’s Playing Prince Charles

The Crown is slowly wrangling its way into the modern age, with its fourth season tackling the early Princess Diana years (albeit not to everyone’s liking). But the show moves inexorably on, and the fifth season is set to jump to the ‘90s — a particularly tumultuous time in the Royal Family’s history, to say the least. While we’ll have to wait how creator Peter Morgan handles…well, all that (although you can always check out his script for 2006’s The Queen, starring repeat Queen Elizabeth portrayer Helen Mirren), we do know who will be playing one of the key younger roles.

As per Variety, The Crown has found its 13-year-old Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, after a massive nationwide search. But in the end they wound up simply casting one the son of one of its big new stars. That person is Senan West, whose father is Dominic West, best known as McNulty on The Wire and who, on The Crown, will take over the role of William’s father, Prince Charles. Diana, his mother, meanwhile, will be played by Tenet actress and famous extraordinarily tall person Elizabeth Debicki.

It should be a trying role for the younger West. William was but 15 years old when his mother perished in a car accident involving the paparazzi. (His younger brother, Prince Harry, was only 13.) But when it arrives, not only will it presumably tackle arguably the most shocking thing to happen in Royal Family history, but it will add to the glut of Princess Diana movies and shows, including the new Kristen Stewart movie Spencer.

(Via Variety)