‘The Daily Show’ Couldn’t Resist Trolling Ted Cruz With One Of Larry David’s Best ‘Curb’ Outbursts

What does Ted Cruz like to do in his free time, besides flee the country during a historic storm and butcher the voices of The Simpsons? Say the word “chutzpah,” apparently.

The Daily Show compiled a supercut of the Texas senator massacring the Yiddish word for arrogance. “You know, there’s a Yiddish word, ‘chutzpah,’ and Joe Biden is embodying chutzpah,” Cruz says in one clip, practically firing spit all over the camera, while in another, recorded while speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters Annual Convention, he exclaims, “There is more than a little chutzpah in that.” What is he referring to? I’m not sure. And honestly, I’m OK with that. Anyway, the supercut ends with a clip from the season six episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, “The Bar Mitzvah,” where Larry David repeatedly tells someone to “shut the f*ck up.” The Daily Show was directing the message at Cruz, who felt compelled to respond on Twitter.

“@Trevornoah is a putz,” he tweeted, continuing their feud. It’s only a matter of time before Seth Rogen weighs in, but until then, everyone else was happy to fill in. “Wow Ted u really got him great comeback,” one reply to the senator’s tweet reads, but my favorite response is, “Gey strashe di gens, Rafael.”

It’s a good insult in any language.

(Via Raw Story)