‘The Daily Show’ Has Devised A Handy Remedy For Conservatives Who Want To Forget All The Times They Heaped Praise On Putin

A funny thing happened when Vladimir Putin waged war against Ukraine: Many of the politicians, media figures, and other so-called “conservatives” who have publicly praised Russia’s blood-thirsty president over the years decided to quietly tiptoe their way to the other side and condemn Putin for being the homicidal tyrant he has always been.

While it’s not all that surprising that disgraced former U.S. President Donald Trump is still tickled by just how “smart” and “savvy” Putin is, that stubborn and single-minded right-wingers like Tucker Carlson and Mike Pompeo—who were singing Putin’s praises just days ago—have suddenly changed their tune has been a shocking turn of events. But The Daily Show has an idea of how it happened: Tyranol.

Trevor Noah and his team shared a commercial for this game-changing new pill, whose slogan is “Out with the Vlad, in with the good.” Like Teamocil before it, Tyranol is a bit of a miracle drug. It’s specifically formulated for conservatives who formerly praised Putin, and now desperately wish they could erase every video, audio clip, and social media post that serves as proof of their pro-Putin way of thinking. As the commercial puts it, it’s “the drug that makes you forget you applauded a tyrant who is now applauding civilians.”

So how does it work? By “invading your sovereign mind and attacking any previously held memories and beliefs.”

While there are no official testimonials, clips of Carlson and Pompeo serve as strong proof that it really does work. For individuals who have been cheering for Vlad for years on end, there’s even an extended-release version—which, unfortunately, doesn’t work for everyone. (Some people are just too far gone.)

Donald Trump The Daily Show Tryanol
Comedy Central

You can watch the full commercial above. Could MAGAnol be too far behind?