NBC Has Thankfully Renewed ‘The Good Place’ For A Fourth Season

Colleen Hayes for NBC

After mid-November’s “Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By,” which saw Janet (D’Arcy Carden) kicking some serious demon butt, The Good Place went on a brief vacation for Thanksgiving before promising to return this Thursday with the new episode “Janet(s).” After that, however, Parks and Recreation alum Mike Schur’s acclaimed comedy series about the afterlife goes on another hiatus until season three concludes with a four-episode run in January and February. Thankfully, however, this will not be the show’s end.

That’s because NBC has decided to renew the Kristen Bell-led program for a fourth season. Per Deadline, very little is known about what season four of The Good Place will look like, though the outlet suggests that it will most likely resemble the first three seasons’ 13-episode runs. Of course, that’s just the format. The story itself is a whole other bag of tricks altogether, and with season three’s brief return to the life of the living on earth and its subsequent sojourn back into the afterlife, chances are Schur and company have their work cut out for them.

Whatever The Good Place season four ends up looking like, hopefully it will include more of Schur’s efforts to philosophize in the writer’s room (since this results in the best jokes) and “Jacked Chidi.” Both of these are great traits to have, of course, but let’s be honest — we all want more shirtless William Jackson Harper.

(Via Deadline)