Above Average Cuts Out The Middleman, Serves Up The Bloody Good Fun That Is ‘The Murder Network’

Not unlike other pop culture crazes like swing revivals, planking and debating HOW forbidden the Lambada is, true crime has been lavished with attention and squeezed oh-so-tight in our Elmyra-esque arms as it enjoys its place in the sun. True crime has been kicking around as an area of interest for ages (the sadder the store, the more provocative the true crime mags), but now folks that are obsessed with such things are no longer relegated to arguments on Investigation Discovery’s Facebook page. We can all discuss our macabre hot takes about bloody murder without shame! Well, until shame kicks in or when this period of true crime being in style fizzles out. Either way.

Above Average has taken the current obsession with murder, manslaughter and other generally inconvenient things with the parody cable offering known as “The Murder Network.” This faux-channel stuffs your belly full of murder and offers even more stories of dead people and family members grieving that regular television’s endless supply of human mystery apparently cannot. Is The People v. O.J. Simpson your cup of tea? If so, come on by for Beloved Athletes That Went Totally Nuts hosted by that guy you used to only know for running reasons, Oscar Pistorius. Shows like Making a Murderer made a number of “stars” out of its subjects, but could it compete with the Menendez-driven kids-oriented Eric and Lyle: No Parents Allowed in the ratings? One can only ask the skies above.

We have this clever online yuk-em-up from Above Average located at the top of the page for your viewing pleasure. Laugh now, feel weird about it later.

(Via AV Club)