Soon You’ll Be Able To Smell The Best Episode Of ‘The Office’


“The Dinner Party” is The Office at its best.

It’s uncomfortable (although it was almost much darker), deeply funny, and a tragic reminder that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for playing Michael Scott (“Sometimes I will just stand here and watch television for hours”). And now, 11 years after the episode first aired, it’s getting the scratch-and-sniff treatment.

On August 26 at 10 p.m. EST, COZI TV (NBC’s “national multicast network”) will show the season four episode “The Dinner Party” in Smell-A-Vision. “A special airing of a legendary episode of the classic series – enhanced with an actual scratch-and-sniff card,” the website reads. “Melora Hardin joins COZI TV as on-air host for the promotion and on-air presentation of the event. There’s no better choice, as she played Jan Levinson, the original host of ‘The Dinner Party,’ offering us her long-simmering Osso Buco and ‘Serenity By Jan’ candles.”

This is exciting news for anyone wondering what “James Bond Fire” smells like.


But, please, leave “oaky afterbirth” off the card (which you can request here).

“In the sequence where I sort of dance inappropriately, I purposefully did not do that in rehearsal, just so that John Krasinski could be particularly uncomfortable,” Hardin said about one of the more awkward scenes from the episode. “I waited until we were filming to do that so that he would be completely surprised and have to deal with it on camera, which is why it’s such a great, ridiculously uncomfortable moment. And he doesn’t get up from his seat. I’m a dancer, but I tried to just dance a tiny bit off the beat. It was so much fun to be a little bit wrong.” Can you blame her? “That One Night” is a jam.

(Via COZI)