The Rock And Jimmy Fallon Are ‘The Fungo Brothers’ And They Want To Jack You Up With Exercise

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The Rock is all over the place promoting Hercules and his yak pube beard, so it was only a matter of time before he dropped into The Tonight Show for some sort of wackiness with Jimmy Fallon. The result of the visit is this two part set of workout videos from a duo known as The Fungo Brothers.

It would seem that what the Fungos lack in originality, they make up for in pep and masturbation humor. And lord knows you need a lot of pep when masturbation is involved. There’s a little bit for everyone here, especially if you are a fan of fad exercise equipment or grown men in wigs.

Elsewhere during the interview, Fallon introduced The Rock to a very strange and topical action figure of himself wearing his goofy turtleneck getup. It comes complete with fanny pack and a perfect hightop, clearly so folks can live out their fantasies. Keep an eye out for the clip of that tomorrow or tune in and watch The Tonight Show if you just can’t wait.

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(Via The Tonight Show)

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