Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ Is Already A Streaming Hit And Neil Gaiman’s Brushing Off The So-Called ‘Backlash’ Over Diverse Casting

Netflix’s very long-awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s hit comic series The Sandman hit the streaming site on Friday and already made its way to the number 1 spot on the Top 10 rankings from August 1-7th.

The 10-episode series already has a devoted Twitter fan base, which was following Netflix‘s every move during production, though some were upset with the show’s casting. Gaiman recently spoke out to against any “backlash” that was receiving, saying that the fans far outweigh the haters.

“It’s not a backlash.” The author tweeted. “When someone grumbles about Sandman being woke and they get 10 likes, and I point out they’re being idiots & get 60,000 likes there isn’t a backlash going on. There’s a few people grumbling performatively on Twitter, & thousands of people waiting for Friday,” He explained.

As it turns out, there probably were more than thousands of people waiting for the show to drop, since it racked up an impressive 69.5 million hours watched in just the first three days since it debuted. For some perspective, Stranger Things secured roughly 83 million hours in its first week. The fourth season of the show now sits comfortably at number 4 on the Top Ten list, with 44 million hours viewed last week.

Meanwhile, the critically-panned Purple Hearts was able to earn 102 million hours viewed, which is not scary at all!

(Via Variety)