David Wain Announced A Book-Length Oral History Of ‘The State’ And Here Are The Details

The talent that emerged from early-90’s comedy troupe The State are far more recognizable now than when they were at full strength on MTV for four seasons. Various members of The State went on to make the Reno 911, Stella, Wet Hot American Summer and write mega-hits like the Night at the Museum series. Still, The State always had their loyal fans that wanted to dip their balls in it, and with the long-awaited DVD release of The State finally out, the time is now for round 2 of some alt-comedy history. On May 3rd, The Union of The State, the complete oral history of The State will be hitting Kindles and books made out of paper.

The sample chapter provided by author Corey Stulce gives a good representation of what this book will be like, with an overwhelming amount of reflection on comedy bits that worked, or didn’t, from the first show on. Every member of The State participated, and witnesses to The State‘s strange greatness also pitch in their 2 cents.

The sample chapter alone is chock full of goodies.

Absolutely, there was no doubt from that very first show it felt like we really had something. It felt unique. It felt scary in a way. To risk being completely girly, it felt like love. Scary, because you don’t ever want this to go away. This is too perfect. The response was enormous, and we felt that. Pretty soon that became the most important thing in all of our lives. I kind of had that feeling, like this is going to last forever, which is a really silly thing to think in your second semester at college, but it’s kind of been the case in a way. After the very first show, we were rock stars and realized that we had something that people liked. In my memory, we would finish a sketch, and it was deafening — the applause and laughter.

There’s no other way to end the article. I’m outta herrrreeee.

(Via AV Club)