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If you didn’t watch last night’s Tony Awards, you missed out on the greatest Tony Awards ever.  Granted, I only watched about 15 seconds of it, but I’ve watched those 15 seconds about eight times now.  Bret Michaels from “Rock of Love” (and, okay, Poison) performed live with the cast of Rock of Ages at the Tonys, and the end of “Nothin’ But a Good Time” was marred made awesome when a descending set piece damn near took off his head.

He was knocked to the ground, and while the extent of his injury was not known, he did not break his nose, despite wide speculation that he had. A publicist later told PEOPLE that Michaels was hoping to hit some after-parties but was “getting X-rays.” Calling him “a trooper,” she added that Michaels “had a blast performing.”

Doctors were impressed Michaels survived, calling the set “as dangerous as sex with the girls from ‘Rock of Love II’.”

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