‘The View’s Ana Navarro Tells Studios They’re ‘Making A Mistake’ By Pulling Will Smith Projects

Following news that at least two Will Smith projects have already been shelved after the actor slapped Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars, The View‘s Ana Navarro came to Smith’s defense and chastised studios for making, what she feels, is a mistake. The projects to be pulled so far are Fast and Loose for Netflix, and Bad Boys 4, which has reportedly been put on pause by Sony. Those announcements were made within hours of each other, and as Navarro notes, she thinks the studios are going overboard.

But, first, we gotta give credit to Navarro for opening her remarks with how most of us all feeling right now. “Look, I’m so tired of talking about this, I’d like to slap myself.” Same, Ana. Same.

Here’s Navarro arguing that Smith shouldn’t be judged for just one action, which pales in comparison to his well-documented history of good deeds. Via The Wrap:

“He’s had over 30 years of a career, where he’s had a very positive image, been a positive role model, he’s been very philanthropic, he’s done all sorts of things,” she argued. “None of us should be judged by our worst moment. We should be judged by our entire career. And yes, this is going to be with him the rest of his life. It’s going to be in his obituary. This is not going away. But should it define his life? Should it define his career? No, absolutely not. So I think Netflix and all those are making a mistake, and I hope they reconsider, because we should be able to separate his art from what he did.”

While Whoopi Goldberg was mostly in agreement with Navarro, co-host Sunny Hostin, on the other hand, felt that the punishment fit the crime and that people “want to feel like they want to have a say with their dollars.” However, the panel mostly agreed that any consequences Smith faces will be short-lived even if The Slap will be probably be mentioned in his obituary.

(Via The Wrap)