‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Shares A Few Touching Moments With Their Departing Members

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As you likely know by this point in the week, The Walking Dead said goodbye to two cast members during its season premiere Negan cliffhanger payoff. The outcome surprised many and was caught on tape by others, showing just how much people didn’t want to lose Abraham and Glenn from the show. You could’ve easily taken Carl and nobody would’ve cared, Negan!

Anyway, if you thought fans were treating the loss like they’ve just witnessed the death of their good friends, the cast of The Walking Dead is taking it even harder. They’re losing their friends and castmates, almost treating it like they’re losing them forever thanks to Negan’s little baseball bat friend. Entertainment Weekly compiled some closing thoughts from the cast on Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz and some of them sound like funeral speeches. Take Lauren Cohan for example:

“Steven brought me on to the show. He’s the first person that I hung out with. The day I got there, Steven, Sarah Wayne Callies, and myself went for Korean barbecue, and I remember I got to Georgia and I was wearing a flannel shirt and it was July and they were like, ‘Yeah, you need to buy some T-shirts.’ I also remember that year we went on Fourth of July to watch the fireworks and the sky opened. Oh my god, it was pouring rain! And we all left and everybody ran out with jackets over their head and we all went to Steven’s house. We got out the guitar and we just started singing, and Steven sang a song and Emily sang a song. We were all borrowing Steven’s clothes and sitting around his apartment on the Fourth of July with it pouring rain outside. It was like college. It was our first big hangout.

Steven has been a leading man professional on the show without ever having been any of those things before being on the show. You know what Steven is? He’s ride or die: You know he has your back. Everything that we see in Glenn is what Steven brings to him, and that’s that steady heart. I’m so excited for him knowing he’s going on to do amazing things. He’s the most professional gentleman and the silliest, funniest goof ever. And Steven’s still alive! So that’s good.”

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