AMC Is Taking Its Big ‘Walking Dead’ Crossover Event To Theaters

AMC has been promoting the upcoming crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead relentlessly for months now to try and carry as many viewers along on Morgan’s inter-series journey as possible. They’ve even gone so far as to schedule the Fear the Walking Dead season four premiere immediately after The Walking Dead‘s season eight finale for maximum exposure. As if this wasn’t enough to convince you that what’s happening is a Really Big Deal, check this out: fans will also be able to watch the double bill in over 750 theaters across the country the same night it’s aired on AMC.

The event goes down Sunday, April 15th and is being dubbed ‘”Survival Sunday.” Why buy a movie ticket when you can catch it for free on cable? Well, there’s definitely something special about getting together with other Walking Dead fans in your area to enjoy the crossover together. But the biggest selling point as far as I’m concerned is how the episodes will be presented without commercials. Anyone who watched the season seven premiere on AMC knows how ads can affect the viewing experience. This is a good way to avoid that.

The Walking Dead isn’t the first show to port its episodes into the theater. Game of Thrones has organized showings for premieres and finales and also marathons. Marvel’s Inhumans also debuted its first two episodes in IMAX theaters (to much less success). At this point, we’re actually surprised it’s taken as long for AMC to jump on the wagon as it has.

Tickets for “Survival Sunday” are set to go on sale March 16th and can be purchased right here.